Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) Financing

TruckSuite has created a unique and comprehensive warranty finance program that provides benefits to Truck Dealerships, Repair Shops, Owner Operators and Truck Fleets

Unlike other warranty finance programs that ask for large down payments and shorten the finance terms in comparison to the warranty term, our program does not require a down payment, and we match the term of the warranty. Our process provides quick turnaround time and only requires the owner’s signature. Funding is equally quick and efficient providing the Dealer with immediate cash flow. The process is simple only requiring the trucker to fill the pre-qual application on the TruckSuite Mobile App). We take care of the rest!

Program Highlights

  • Zero down payment!
  • Terms from 12 months to 48 months to match the term of the warranty!
  • When a truck Lender will not finance a warranty…we can help!
  • Fast turnaround time
  • E-Z Apply
  • Simple E-docs
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