What is TruckSuite?

What is

TruckSuite is a “technology based” innovated and comprehensive Owner Operator Support program that is designed to offer the Owner Operator all truck ownership benefits typically only available to large fleets. The program also provides multiple benefits to carriers as well as asset protection to lenders.

  • TruckSuite establishes an arm’s length relationship between the Carrier and the independent Owner Operator.
  • TruckSuite offers several “Best in Class” industry experienced partners to insure the Owner Operator the best path to success.
  • TruckSuite offers its Owner Operator Members several discounts including:
    • Labor rate discounts
    • Parts discounts
    • Tire discounts
  • Through various industry relationships, TruckSuite can reduce costly vehicle downtime by assisting the Owner Operator “audit” repair quotes as well as having the Owner Operator treated as a “fleet customer”.
  • TruckSuite promotes driver retention.
  • TruckSuite provides asset protection to lenders.

Successful participation in the TruckSuite Program allows the Owner Operator to

Just Drive!

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