For Lenders

TruckSuite offers

  • Our Safe Harbor program allowing repossessions dropped off and stored for reconditioning
  • Reseating program putting a new end-user in your asset
  • Diagnostic tracking for finance and lease customers
  • Preventative Maintenance programs for your end-users
  • Repair financing programs
  • Roadside assistance programs
  • Parts and labor discounts for your end-users
  • TruckSuite Assurance products including Vehicle Return Programs (VRP)

Lender Benefits

  • Make sure your asset is being maintained and in good running condition
  • Our call center availability makes sure your end-users are directed to a vetted credible repair facility
  • Mitigating credit risk through the “Safe Harbor” program allows for more aggressive terms and rates to Owner/Operators and alleviates some of the “unknowns” in the event of a repossession
  • Reseating assistance
  • Cost control with repossession repair expenses
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