Being an Owner Operator, you depend on your truck to make your business profitable. By planning and saving for maintenance and repairs, an M&R Escrow account will help you avoid cash shortfalls when it comes to maintaining your truck.

Used in support and anticipation of repairs and scheduled maintenance, A TruckSuite Customer Escrow account provides accurate, compliant and safe handling of your funds, providing complete transparency to the balance, status and history of transaction. Each account is FDIC insured.

On a weekly basis, Escrow will receive truck lease payments, warranty payments, service fees and other scheduled fees either from the Carrier (with Owner Operator authorization) or directly from the Owner Operator. Escrowed funds will be disbursed in accordance with the disbursement schedule. In anticipation of maintenance and repairs escrowed funds will accumulate and be forwarded directly to the repair or maintenance facility upon completion of the service(s).

Consistent and even escrow of funds will assist in planning by evening out typical cash flow “peaks and valleys”.

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