TruckSuite proudly recognizes multiple associations making a difference for their members. The newest association deserving a shout-out is the Association for Commercial Equipment Solutions or ACES.

Several TruckSuite owners are also visionary founding owners of ACES. In order to better serve the repair facility marketplace, our research showed a significant myriad of unfulfilled needs and issues affecting nearly every aspect of this key segment of the trucking industry, including;

  • Significant challenges in recruiting and retaining sufficient numbers of mechanics and technicians to keep up with increasing demand.
  • Frustration in ability to keep pace with traditional and new generation technical training for mechanics, technicians, and other specialty shop resources.
  • Availability and access to realistic parts and equipment pricing.
  • Difficulty in securing adequate insurance products.
  • Low capability and know-how regarding how to increase social media presence for the markets and customers they serve.
  • Low availability of repair and equipment financing.

So, together with other “vetted” allied companies who also saw the sweeping deficiencies and challenges, we “took the bull by the horns” and spearheaded the setup of the new association. Now there is real buying power & clout available within the repair facility marketplace. We are new but we are also keen on continual innovation – soon, ACES will be known industry wide.

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